Bridal Party Gifts
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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

  Isn't it tough to decide on bridal party gifts?  The people you have chosen to be in your wedding are some of the most important people in your life and you want to get them something special, right?  There are so many choices for gifts, too.  It can really be an overwhelming decision! That's why help is waiting for you at the "Boutique Blog" titled "Best Bridal Party Gifts."     

This is a community blog at Bride to Bride Boutique (.com) where you can share your suggestions on gifts for the wedding party or ask for suggestions or advice on bridal party gifts. 

Some of my favorite gifts for the bridesmaids have been makeup bags, monogrammed slippers, a personalized cd, and a traveling jewelry case.  Personalized bath robes or tote bags are cute too!  

Some of my favorite groomsmen gifts have been stainless steel key chains which double as a bottle opener.  I also like personalized business card holders or monogrammed cuff links. Pint glasses or wine glasses engraved with the person's initials and your wedding date are great bridal party gifts too.  

Most importantly, don't forget your parents!  They are the ones who deserve bridal party gifts more than anyone.  I found that deciding on the gifts for both sets of our parents was the toughest gift to pick of all.  I finally settled on a picture frame in which one side held an engagement or wedding picture and the other side was engraved in writing which was identical to our wedding invitation.  Both sets of parents loved their gift!        

 Share your advice and suggestions on bridal party gifts and other topics including wedding vendors, do-it-yourself wedding projects, honeymoon destinations, and more in the Bride to Bride Boutique Blog!

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